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23rd International Seminar

New Trends in Research of Energetic Materials


Energetic output and effects

17.03.2020 From Tuesday 17, March we are all ordered to stay at home. Please excuse delay in e-mail response and also in registration fee reimbursement.
13.03.2020 Dear registered participants, you shoud have received e-mail with a link to a fulltext of the proceedings. In case you did not, please contact me at pachman@ntrem.com. Have a good time reading the work that we were not able to discuss in person in these troubled times. See you next year.
10.03.2020 From Tuesday, 10 March at 18:00, theatrical, musical, cinema performances and other artistic, sports and religious events, markets, trade fairs and other public and private events with an expected participation of more than 100 people are prohibited in the Czech Republic by government. More information is here .
9.03.2020 Based on scientific committee recommendation we have decided to take the following actions:
  • refund the registration fee to all
  • publish the proceedings so that the hard work of the authors does not come to nothing
  • as an appreciation of your interest in our seminar and apology for the situation provide the proceedings to all participants free of charge
The above is possible only thanks to our sponsors who decided to support us even in this difficult situation.
3.03.2020 IMPORTANT: The 23rd NTREM is officially canceled by decision of the Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Pardubice as a part of preventive measures taken against the spread of corona virus infection (Covid-19) in Czech Republic.

Further information will follow shortly.


April 1–3, 2020

Chairman prof. Zeman


University of Pardubice

Pardubice, Czech Republic

Organized by:

Institute of Energetic Materials


prof. Svatopluk Zeman