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26th International Seminar

New Trends in Research of Energetic Materials


New Energetic Materials and Compositions

29.02.2024 Dear participants, we have finalized the review of the papers and need to proceed. Incomplete submissions will be deleted on Friday - March1st 2024.
21.02.2024 The full-text upload was locked and confirmation e-mail was sent to those who have succesfully completed the upload and payed the paper registration. We will now manually go through all the papers and check the content and formatting. In case of issues with a particular paper or missing payment we will contact the authors individually. Those needing assistance with upload may contact the organizers.
2.1.2024 The submitted abstracts were evaluated and a decision was taken about their acceptance. You can find the status of your contribution here. The green dot indicates that everything is fine and we are looking forward to seeing your fulltext.
The number of requests for oral presentation is slightly exceeding the number of available spots. It is therefore possible that the form of some presentations may be changed based on the number of finally submitted fulltexts.
The main authors were automatically included in the list of participants. If you have already registered as participant, please ignore the confirmation e-mail and the duplicity. We will merge them together.
12.10.2023 The first announcement for the 26th NTREM Seminar is available (PDF).


April 17th– 19th, 2024


University of Pardubice

Pardubice, Czech Republic

Organized by:

Institute of Energetic Materials