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23rd International Seminar

New Trends in Research of Energetic Materials


Energetic output and effects

15.01.2020 Program in the form of a one page overview is available here.
2.1.2020 The payment instructions remain the same as last year and can be found here. The invoice (printed, stamped and signed) will be provided to participants during registration. If you will need the electronic version in advance, please contact us by e-mail.
2.1.2020 The authors of accepted papers as well as participants have now payment link (button with "PAY" sign) displayed in their account. This button links you to University web store where you can pay the registration fee. Please keep in mind that you are expected to pay only once. If you are author and paid for the paper do not pay again as participant.
2.1.2020 An e-mail generated by the registration system of NTREM was sent to authors of accepted papers. The authors were automatically registered as participants.
13.12.2019 The submitted abstracts were evaluated by scientific committee and decision was taken about their acceptance. You can find the status of your contribution here. The contributions without green mark are being consulted with their authors (mainly due to presentation form).
We would like to ask authors to comply with the rules of the seminar while preparing the fulltexts. Contributions presenting mainly or in full already published work will be rejected.
20.11.2019 The submitted abstracts were sent to scientific committee for review.
17.10.2019 The registration for NTREM 2020 is on-line. The instructions are here.
14.8.2019 The first announcement for the 23rd NTREM Seminar is available (PDF).


April 1–3, 2020

Chairman prof. Zeman


University of Pardubice

Pardubice, Czech Republic

Organized by:

Institute of Energetic Materials


prof. Svatopluk Zeman