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NTREM 2019 – Best presentations

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1.place Leonid Fershtat1.place Marcus Lommel
2.place Ivan Gospodinov2.place Martin Künzel
3.place Zois Boukouvalas3.place Jian Zhang
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participants of NTREM 2019
NTREM 2019 participants at the University lecture theater A1.

Past proceedings

Proceedings of the presented contributions will be prepared by the organizers of the Seminar by the date of its opening; price of the proceedings will be 3500,- CZK (i. e. ~ 140€) printed version and 500,- CZK (i. e. 20€) electronic version. The electronic version of the proceedings will be provided to the participants free of charge.

Proceedings of previous seminars may be ordered at IEM at the address in contact.

The previous programs as well as presented contributions including abstracts are listed below.

NTREM 2019 program.pdf
NTREM 2019 abstracts.pdf
NTREM 2018 program.pdf
NTREM 2018 abstracts.pdf
NTREM 2017 program.pdf
NTREM 2017 abstracts.pdf
NTREM 2016 program.pdf
NTREM 2016 abstracts.pdf
NTREM 2015 program.pdf
NTREM 2015 abstracts.pdf
NTREM 2014 program.pdf
NTREM 2014 abstracts.pdf
NTREM 2013 program.pdf
NTREM 2013 abstracts.pdf
NTREM 2012 program.pdf
NTREM 2012 abstracts.pdf
NTREM 2011 program.pdf
NTREM 2011 abstracts.pdf
NTREM 2010 reduced_program.pdf
NTREM 2010 abstracts.pdf
NTREM 2009 program.pdf
NTREM 2009 abstracts.pdf
NTREM 2008 program.pdf
NTREM 2008 abstracts.pdf
NTREM 2007 program.pdf
NTREM 2007 abstracts.pdf
NTREM 2006 program.pdf
NTREM 2006 abstracts.pdf
NTREM 2005 program.pdf
NTREM 2005 abstracts.pdf
NTREM 2004 program.pdf
NTREM 2004 abstracts.pdf
NTREM 2003 program.pdf
NTREM 2003 abstracts.pdf
NTREM 2002 program.pdf
NTREM 2002 abstracts.pdf
NTREM 2001 program.pdf
NTREM 2001 abstracts.pdf