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22nd International Seminar

New Trends in Research of Energetic Materials


Synthesis and formulation

1.2.2019 Due to numerous requests for a few more days we shifted the deadline for the early registration payment and paper upload to next Friday -

8th February, 2019

On Friday 12:00 the access to the autor section will be locked.
17.12.2018 The first draft of the program is available here.
12.12.2018 Detailed payment instructions are here.
7.12.2018 The authors of accepted papers as well as participants have now payment link (button with "PAY" sign) displayed in their account. This button links you to University web store where you can pay the registration fee. Please keep in mind that you are expected to pay only once. If you are author and paid for the paper do not pay again as participant. Detailed instructions will follow next week
7.12.2018 The submitted abstracts were evaluated by scientific committee and candidates for oral presentations were selected. They can be found in the list of submitted contributions with the type "oral" in the last column. Due to high demand for oral presentations we had to change over 20 contributions from oral to poster.
7.12.2018 The authors of the accepted papers were automatically registred as participants and do not have to register as in the past. As this is a new feature, please check your personal details and confirm the registration by saving the details. The dot will change to yellow.
16.11.2018 The submitted abstracts were sent to scientific committee for review.
14.10.2018 The registration for NTREM 2019 is on-line. The instructions are here.
12.9.2018 Since the database update takes a bit longer we are shifting the deadline for abstracts to

12th November, 2018

21.8.2019 The first announcement of the seminar is available for download pdf.
16.8.2018 IMPORTANT CHANGE: The deadline for abstracts is shifted to

31st October, 2018

All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by scientific committee and only 32 will be selected for oral presentations to keep NTREM single session seminar.


April 10–12, 2019

Chairman prof. Zeman


University of Pardubice

Pardubice, Czech Republic

Organized by:

Institute of Energetic Materials


prof. Svatopluk Zeman